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Humanize believes that education is the pillar for a more just, citizen, inclusive and sustainable country. That’s why the theme permeates the work of the Institute across the board. In our activities, education is present in areas such as encouraging research, knowledge production, academic training, training of new leaders in the public sector, instruction for mastery of technology, data application and training for citizenship, training of socio-environmental impact entrepreneurs and small farmers. For us, valuing people’s ability to learn and evolve in their roles generates significant changes and highlights the human side of relationships.

The relevance of learning is also in our connections with partners and in the daily routines of the projects we support. We look at initiatives and movements that embrace training and qualification paths in order to join forces and build leadership skills in the public sector and in the third sector. We also seek to support the development of strategic capabilities and organizing technics, assisting in the institutional development of each one of them.

In this sense, we understand that there is room to collaborate with the dissemination of knowledge using different proposals and platforms, which is one way to contribute to the territorial development and generate positive impacts on the reality of people from all over Brazil.

In addition to initiatives focused on education and projects that are part of our programs, we also support topics that contribute to the qualification of debates on relevant issues to the ecosystem in which Humanize is inserted and to the country in general, and which mainly address issues related to diversity, equality and inclusion. These initiatives are called Special Projects.

Network Connections

Joining forces with partners enables humanize to support transformative projects. In the Education section, for example, we have as partners Roberto Marinho Foundation (Fundação Roberto Marinho) and Redes da Maré working to strengthen the “Telecurso Maré”. Inspiring and an indicator of opportunities, the project aims at providing quality education to expand formal schooling for young people and adults in the favelas of Maré (RJ).

Also in the state of Rio de Janeiro, but in Paraty, we support another project in education, which is called “Aves da Minha Escola”. The initiative has Cairuçu Association as a partner and is aimed at public schools’ students. The idea is to work on awareness and experiences with the city’s birdlife.

Examples like these reinforce our belief that strategic philanthropy is a strong ally in the process of generating positive changes for people and territories, which includes education and the opportunities that knowledge can provide in the life of every Brazilian.

In this scenario, consolidating lasting partnerships is part of our model of making strategic philanthropic investment and enables support for education projects. In the 2019-2021 cycle, the Education issue, which has transversal acting within Humanize, marked the Institute’s portfolio with about 14 projects – that came to life especially in the states of Rio de Janeiro and Bahia and that addressed several Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), mainly the goals 4 (Quality Education), 16 (Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions) and 15 (Life on Earth).

Also in the 2019-2021 triennium, the highlighted area worked collaboratively and reached optimistic numbers, for example, more than 190 000 young people were assisted through initiatives in the educational sector. In the same period, awareness toward citizen management was raised for more than 2 400 children and young people and over 2 100 teachers and managers. Another relevant data is materialized through the section of Education for Youth and Adults with Scholarships (EJA), since we have joined with partners to enable a future with more education for over 500 young people and adults.

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