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The fishing chain reflects the richness of Brazilian biodiversity

We work to support the sustainable development of the chain and we understand that advances in this scenario require continuous and integrated investment on several fronts

The fishing chain reflects the richness of Brazilian biodiversity and reveals the importance of fishing production both for the livelihood of fishermen and for feeding millions of people. On the one hand, there is abundance in the waters. On the other hand, there are challenges outside the waters: the lack of qualification of fishermen and middlemen, the absence of technical assistance, the dispersed and poorly structured production, the degradation of the marine environment, the threat to species and the informality of transport and marketing.

To help change this scenario, Humanize supports the sustainable development of the artisanal fishing chain, generating income and quality of life, as well as access to new markets. We operate in a network in favor of artisanal fishermen, associations, colonies, fishermen cooperatives and other creative forms of inclusive business.

What we do involves: fostering the articulation for greater access of sustainable fish to markets; supporting training and development of artisanal fishermen and technicians of government agencies and public managers; nurturing impactful businesses related to the subject; collaborating with warehouses and fish processing units; supporting the structuring of the entire chain and the production and monitoring of data related to artisanal fishing; investing in technical assistance; encouraging traceability in fish value chains.


In the 2019-2021 cycle, we acted in a network to support, mainly, initiatives to strengthen grassroots organizations and initiatives aimed at commercialization. During this period, we understood that advances in the fishing chain require continuous and integrated investment on several fronts. Medium- and long-term support is required, which points to the need for articulation between various actors.

In this sense, the 2019-2021 triennium moved, in Humanize portfolio, around 12 projects that deal specifically with the fishing chain and that were conducted through collaborative work. Most of these initiatives coincide with the Institute’s strategic goals, in particular the goal that focuses on strengthening relevant actors in the artisanal fishing chain to access markets with sustainable products – what is done through actions such as technical assistance, training and institutional strengthening; in addition to the goal that seeks to strengthen Civil Society Organizations with a focus on systemic thinking, organizational sustainability, strategic planning and management.

Still on the 2019-2021 cycle, the network action brought results such as over 600 fishermen trained in good practices and market access. The Fishing Alliance is responsible for part of these results and inspires us to work for the chain. A partnership between Humanize and the OAK Foundation, the initiative is formed and co-financed by Oceana, Rare Brazil and Conservation International (CI- Brazil). The objective is to support the construction and consolidation of sustainable fishing value chains, especially for artisanal fish. In this sense, the Alliance seeks to generate income and quality of life for fishing communities, in addition to offering quality fish to different markets and raising awareness and engagement with the public sector. The focus is also on the conservation and sustainable use of marine biodiversity.

The Fishing Alliance portfolio includes relevant initiatives, for example, a project that seeks to reduce the socioeconomic vulnerability of artisanal fishing communities on the northeast coast of Brazil, who were impacted by the arrival of oil slicks in their territories. Another example is Oceans House (“Casa Oceanos” in portuguese), a project that strengthens organizations of traditional fishing communities in favor of the conservation of marine-coastal ecosystems in northeastern Brazil.

Also on this subject, Humanize supports projects such as More Sustainable Fishing (“Pesca + Sustentável”) – which is implemented by Conservation International (CI – Brazil) and strengthens the production chain of artisanal fishing using technology and traceability to raise awareness of the final consumer; the Fishing Forever Program ( “Pesca para Sempre”) – which is implemented by Rare Brazil and benefits communities in Pará, strengthening them for a participatory, effective and sustainable management of fish stocks; and Piabanha Project (“ Projeto Piabanha”) – which is implemented by  Paraíba do Sul River Fishermen and Friends’ Association (“Associação dos Pescadores e Amigos do Rio Paraíba do Sul” in portuguese) and works for the conservation of fish biodiversity in the Paraíba do Sul river basin.

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