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The Public Management program aims at contributing to the promotion of public efficiency, which includes efforts to generate higher quality public services for the population. For this, one of the paths traced is revealed in strengthening both the training of actors in third sector organizations, as well as the people management system in governments.

Innovating, scaling up good practices and implementing public policies are among the points valued by the program because we believe they are actions that point to a fairer, more inclusive and sustainable country. In line with this idea, we support initiatives aimed at raising awareness and developing leaders in the public sector and in the third sector.

There is also a coordinated work involving joint partnerships and structuring of alliances, which enhances results. Together with partners, we move efforts to advance structuring and cross-cutting agendas, for example, in the activation of public management initiatives within the work of Humanize in terms of sustainability, in encouraging a greater number of women in leadership positions, and in the development of innovative solutions that contribute to Sustainable Urban Development.

Network Connections

Humanize believes that working with funding and implementing partners is fundamental to induce effective transformations.

Multiple forms of interaction with our partners are essential to the program and generate the structuring of alliances, enabling more positive impact. Acting in a network makes room for other capital coming from multilateral agencies and the public and private sectors to join together, forming a broader ecosystem with more opportunities.

Moved by this idea, the current Humanize program counts more than 30% of its investment made through Alliances. In the 2019-2021 triennium, the Public Management area worked on a considerable number of projects through its partnerships, highlighting initiatives within the alliances “Impact Leaderships in the Public Sector and in the Third Sector” (“Lideranças de Impacto no Setor Público e no Terceiro Setor” in Portuguese), “Innovation and Sustainability” (“Inovação e Sustentabilidade”), and more recently, “VAMOS”.

In a broader analysis, in the same period the program marked its portfolio with 161 projects — which addressed different Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). So far, we highlight the following goals: 16 (Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions), 17 (Partnerships for the Goals), 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities) and 10 (Reduced Inequalities). In this scenario, the states that received the most support were Rio de Janeiro, Pará, Rio Grande do Sul, Minas Gerais, Pernambuco and Amazonas.

Also in the cycle 2019-2021, Public Management reached important numbers through collaborative work. For example, more than 770 people were selected by structured processes (skill, selection by technical criteria), and more than 380 public managers were trained by various initiatives supported by Humanize.

Nowadays, different ways to work in partnerships stimulate robust actions throughout Brazil. They are:


VAMOS is an alliance currently formed by Humanize, Lemann Foundation and Repú, created in 2017. By the time, four organizations from the third sector – the current partners and Brava Foundation – got together to contribute with the delivery of quality public services to the population, enabling the meeting of better prepared people to face the social challenges of Brazil. Forming the “Alliance for Public Sector and 3rd Sector Leaders”, the organizations supported several initiatives based on two co-constructed agendas: people management in the public sector and strengthening of the 3rd sector.

In 2021, the three first organizations continued gathering forces and the Alliance became VAMOS with the purpose of continuing working on issues such as the problem that few leaders prepared and engaged in solving public interest challenges work in Public Sector and 3rd Sector organizations.

VAMOS has four action pillars: Production and dissemination of knowledge; Recognition, innovation and search for solutions; Articulation, mobilization and legitimacy; Creation and strengthening of the ecosystem. The initiative has a large portfolio of projects, including the People Ahead Movement – which promotes the attraction and the appreciation of those who can make the transformation of the people management in the public sector happen in practice, the Public Spirit Award – which is the biggest recognition award for people who transform the Brazilian public sector. Altogether, VAMOS has 24 active projects.

Partners: Lemann Foundation (Fundação Lemann) and Repú

Together for Sustainable Development Network

Together’s goal is to contribute to improve public services in cities and states through an innovative model of collaborative governance between the public, private and civil society sectors. The Institute supports the Program in two ways: institutionally, and through the performance developed in specific territories.

Partner: Comunitas

Other initiatives in partnership with the Public Management program:

Support for the Structuring and Governance of the Executive Secretariat of the Consortium of Governors of the Legal Amazon

The project, whose goal is to support the strengthening of the management and governance of the Legal Amazon Interstate Sustainable Development Consortium, foresees the design of the Consortium governance model, defining its policies, processes and routines, as well as the organizational structure of the executive secretariat itself. The project was structured in 2020 and is expected to be implemented in the first semester of 2021.

Funding partners: Institute for Climate and Society – iCS (Instituto Clima e Sociedade – iCS) and Arapyaú Institute (Instituto Arapyaú).

Implementing Partners: Brazilian Biodiversity Fund – FUNBIO (Fundo Brasileiro para a Biodiversidade – FUNBIO).

Support to MapBiomas 2.0

Annual support to MapBiomas, broad, fast, trustworthy and low-cost system of continuous monitoring that manages annual maps of land cover and land use in Brazil from 1985 to the present day, besides developing a large-scale system to ensure early detection of deforestation, degradation, exploitation and forest regeneration in all biomes of the country.

Funding partners: Institute for Climate and Society – iCS (Instituto Clima e Sociedade – iCS) and Arapyaú Institute (Instituto Arapyaú) and others.

“Where are the black people in public service?” Campaign

The initiative started inspired by various movements around the world that question the lack of black people in spaces of visibility and leadership. The Catalysis Challenge, a call for innovative solutions and proposals for racial issues, was one of the main actions throughout the campaign.

Funding partners: Lemann Foundation (Fundação Lemann) and Repú

Columbia Women’s Leadership Network In Brazil 2020

The program, now in its third year, annually selects up to 30 public and third sector managers with a leadership profile, with the objective of developing a growing network of women who will contribute to the transformation of public service in Brazil. Due to the pandemic, the program has been restructured for online classes, with an extension to the year 2021.

Funding partners: Repú and Lemann Foundation.

Implementing Partners: Columbia Global Centers | Rio de Janeiro and Columbia University (NY).

Environment Public Connection

Implementation of the methodology developed by the Study Center for Public Leadership – CPL for training and articulation of public managers of the Environment Secretariats and secretariats connected to Environmental challenges in Nova Iguaçu (RJ), Paty dos Alferes (RJ) and Campinas (SP), aiming at specific challenges. The project as a whole aims at providing managers with specific knowledge of structuring of challenges and of the importance of articulating different actors to design solutions.

Implementing Partner:  Study Center for Public Leadership – CPL (Centro de Liderança Pública – CLP).

Diagnosis and Improvement Plan for the Rural Environmental Registry (CAR) - Semas-PA

The project aims at carrying out the diagnosis of barriers and solutions, as well as proposing a roadmap for the implementation of improvements for the analysis of the Rural Environmental Registry (CAR) at the Department of Environment and Sustainability of the State of Pará (Semas-PA), specifically from the point of view of technological infrastructure, systems and data science.

Implementing Partner: Elo Group

Forming Public Leaders for the Challenges of the 21st Century

Project to support the Vetor Brasil Trainee Program, providing support from two perspectives:
1) prospecting, articulating and allocating 13 trainees, in the states of Maranhão and Espírito Santo; and 2) structuring of modules for complementary training of Rede Vetor (about 500 people) in priority issues to the challenges of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Implementing Partners: Vetor Brazil and Youth Climate Leaders

Call Center for Environmental Licensing “Flora” – Semas-PA

Development of a call center for the Department of Environment and Sustainability of the State of Pará (Semas-PA), which provides clarification and guidance to citizens and entrepreneurs on 80% of the environmental licensing services under the responsibility of the department.

Funding partner: Arapyaú Institute (Instituto Arapyaú)

Implementing Partner: Elo Group

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