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The Humanize Institute understands that Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) are essential for democracy, for implementing quality public policies, and for generating positive socio-environmental impacts in Brazil. After all, these are the organizations that are able to reach more quickly and with greater capillarity the most vulnerable territories which appear to be spaces that other sectors often cannot reach.

In this sense, H.I. recognizes the strategic importance of CSOs for private social investment (PSI), especially considering the high potential that organizations have to generate innovation and to fulfill a catalyzing role in social transformation – elements that contribute to access challenging spaces which the state often cannot reach with the same efficiency or agility.

Therefore, the program is based on the premise that resilient CSOs with well-prepared staff are paramount to collaborate with the strengthening of democracy. For this reason, Humanize is concerned with supporting the development of individuals who work in third sector organizations, as well as contributing to the organized civil society on aspects related to management and governance.

In this scenario, the program is specifically targeted at:

– A resilient organized civil society – whose organizations collaborate among themselves and with actors from other sectors – working in a strategic and systemic way for Brazil’s sustainable development;

– Reaching a greater number of CSOs with the possibility of accessing organizational development resources through collaborative philanthropy strategies;

– Enabling different CSOs to connect around organizational development, sharing knowledge, mutual support, and expertise in this area;

– Raising social investors’ awareness of the organizational development agenda and grantmaking practices, in order to improve CSOs’ access to available resources and to promote more strategic ways of supporting, with a long-term perspective, not only projects, but especially institutions.

Get to know the history of projects:

Acelera Cerrado

Co-Financing PartnersCEPF/IEB, Fundação Grupo Boticário and Instituto Nova Era

Implementing Partner: Impact Hub Brasília

The initiative sought to improve the technical and management capabilities of civil society organizations (CSOs) operating in the Cerrado, seeking to support them in proposing, executing, and managing projects focused on the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in the hotspot. In total, 37 organizations, which are part of the Cerrado, were assisted in six different states and in the Federal District.

Project ended in 2022.

Apoio à Latimpacto para traduções de estudos e cases ligados à Venture Philanthropy

Implementing Partner: Latimpacto

Support for the translation of three studies on Venture Philanthropy and Impact Investment elaborated by ‘EVPA’ and ‘AVPN’ (European and Asian impact networks, respectively). Given the little knowledge observed in Latin America on the topics in question, ‘Latimpacto’ relies on innovative studies and publications, as well as on deep knowledge of the European and Asian Venture Philanthropy networks, in order to learn and disseminate knowledge from cases and practical experiences of the most different global actors at the forefront of impact investment.

Project ended in 2021.

Apoio institucional ao Museum of Tomorrow International (MoTI)

Parceiro Implementador: Stichting Museum of Tomorrow International – MoTI

Between 2019 and 2021, institutional support for ‘MOTI’ sought to ensure the continuation of science, culture, sustainability and education projects that signaled the possibility of contributing to: the promotion of greater Socio-Environmental and Future Literacies (Ecoliteracy and Futures Literacy); better use of shared public space in cities; more collaboration on a global level among the world’s leading science and sustainability museums.

Project ended in 2021.

Congresso GIFE: Fronteiras da Ação Coletiva

Co-Financing PartnersItaú Social, Fundação Grupo Boticário, Fundação Bradesco, Fundação Telefônica Vivo, Santander, Alana, Fundação Ford, Fundação Lemann, Fundação Tide Setubal, Globo, Instituto Ibirapitanga, Laudes Foundation, Instituto Unibanco, Instituto Votorantim, Instituto Clima e Sociedade, Fundação FEAC, Fundação Roberto Marinho, Instituto ACP, B3 Social, Gerdau, Instituto Arapyaú, Instituto Galo da Manhã, Instituto Samuel Klein and Mattos Filho Advogados

Implementing Partner: GIFE

The ’11th GIFE Congress’, held between 2020 and 2021, was a space to debate issues related to the third sector and to the philanthropic culture, especially with regard to its collaborative arrangements. The event was also an opportunity to address citizenship, the country’s public agenda, and several contemporary global agendas.

Project ended in 2021.

Desenvolvimento Organizacional da Conexsus

Co-Financing Partner: Good Energies

Consulting Partners: Elogroup and Consórcio Dialógica e Oliva

Organizational support that contributed to Conexsus’s strategic planning and sought innovation methodologies for its institutional development towards a new positioning in the national and global scenario.

Project ended in 2023.

Desenvolvimento Organizacional da Oceana Brasil

Consulting Partners: Prowa and Lumo

Diagnostic project for mapping Oceana’s organizational development needs. Additionally, in 2021, the organization received support for the communication area, which consisted of an evaluation of its capacity to effectively transform public policies in the areas of fishing and fighting plastic marine pollution.

Project ended in 2021.

Desenvolvimento Organizacional da Tabôa Fortalecimento Comunitário

Co-Financing Partner: Instituto Arapyaú

Consulting Partners: Target Teal, Manacá and Objeto

Support for organizational development of Tabôa’s impact management, people and communication areas.

Project ended in 2022.

Desenvolvimento Organizacional do Centro de Liderança Pública (CLP)

The project’s objective was to contribute to the organization’s greater financial sustainability by working on its fundraising capacity, initiative pricing methods, and improving the relationship with supporters and partners. The project also promoted a design of the organization’s short, medium and long term fundraising strategy.

Project ended in 2021.

Desenvolvimento Organizacional do Idesam

Co-Financing PartnerInstituto Clima e Sociedade (iCS)

Consulting Partner: Prowa

Support project to update the Theory of Change (ToC); alignment between projects’ leaderships in order to strengthen the identity of ‘IDESAM’; and team development strategy.

Project ended in 2021.

Desenvolvimento Organizacional do Instituto de Cidadania Empresarial (ICE)

Consulting Partner: Sense Lab

Project focused on qualifying the team, both by identifying competencies and building a personal development plan, and by conducting listening and group work processes in virtual environments. The support also turned to the development of a strategic plan for the ‘ICE’.

Project ended in 2021.

Desenvolvimento Organizacional do Instituto de Manejo e Certificação Florestal (Imaflora)

Co-Financing Partner: Good Energies

Consulting Partner: SenseLab

The project worked on three main axes: the strategic plan 2021-2023 together with a Theory of Change (ToC); a new organizational structure and governance; and a staff development plan.

Project ended in 2022.

Desenvolvimento Organizacional do Instituto Internacional de Educação do Brasil (IIEB)

Consulting Partners: Prowa and Lumo

Diagnostic project with the purpose of mapping organizational development needs, which culminated in a structured process focused on strengthening the governance of the institution and on planning the leadership succession process.

Project ended in 2020.

Desenvolvimento Organizacional do Movimento por uma Cultura de Doação (MCD)

Consulting Partner: Imo Brazil

Other Partners: Movimento Bem Maior, Wings, Fundação Luíz Egydio Setubal, GIFE, Instituto Mol, Instituto ACP and Umbigo do Mundo

Support for the organizational development of ‘MCD’ by redesigning its governance model, in order to ensure more legitimacy, fluidity, engagement, and transparency to the decision-making processes and internal communication.

Project ended in 2022.

Desenvolvimento Organizacional do ‘Projeto Piabanha’

Consulting Partner: Instituto Meio

Institutional support and consulting process to ‘Piabanha’ concentrating mainly on developing strategies for the sustainability of the project.

Project ended in 2020.

Diagnóstico Organizacional Regenerativo de 12 OSCs

Co-Financing Partners: Fundação Brava, Fundação Lemann and República.orgg

Implementing Partner: PACTO – Organizações Regenerativas

The project promoted a regenerative organizational diagnosis process amongst 12 civil society organizations (CSOs). The diagnosis has turned out to be valuable in enabling each CSO to have greater clarity of its strengths and challenges, and has also provided a more comprehensive view of the sector’s challenges. As a result, the project became the basis for the design of the ‘Learning and Development Community for the third sector’ (‘Comunidade de Aprendizagem e Desenvolvimento para o terceiro setor’).

Project ended in 2020.

Diagnóstico Regenerativo Autoaplicável para Comunidade de Aprendizagem e Desenvolvimento de OSCs

Co-Financing Partners: Fundação Lemann and Repú

Implementing Partner: PACTO – Organizações Regenerativas

Development of a self-applicable version of the Regenerative Diagnosis, which made it possible to produce analysis and recommendations to support the organizations’ institutional development process, thus opening a space to help them in their choices of ‘SimbiOsc’ learning experiences. Also in this project, the self-applicable pilot was conducted and monitored with five CSOs.

Project ended in 2021.

Emerge – Lidere com Coragem

Co-Financing Partners: Funbio and Fundação Lemann

Implementing Partner: THNK School of Creative Leadership

Training selected young leaders to take the next step in their journey. In the process, the participants were led by experienced facilitators, who were responsible for providing a variety of theoretical frameworks and practical tools focused on contributing to the young leaders’ journey. The training aimed at helping the participants to better understand their own path and thus develop the ability to manage teams in a more effective and appropriate way.

Project ended in 2021.

Estudo sobre Terceiro Setor no Brasil – BCG

Co-Financing PartnersFundação Brava, Fundação Lemann and Repú

Implementing Partner: Center for Public Impact (BCG Foundation)

The study contains a diagnosis and main characteristics of a sample of third sector organizations in the areas of education, environment, public management, and entrepreneurship and social businesses.

Project ended in 2019.

Instituto Terra Maré

Co-Financing Partner: Porticus

Implementing Partner: Pontus Consultoria Socioambiental

Consulting Partner: Prowa

In view of the fragilities related to the artisanal fishing chain and the absence of a third sector institution exclusively dedicated to the chain, the project proposes the creation of an NGO – ‘TerraMaré Institute’ – that will act facing the gaps in the sector, willing to listen to its direct and priority target audience (fishermen, fisherwomen and their families, and social representations) and, with them, identify and think about their challenges, as well as build paths and tools for solutions.

Missão de Impacto Social - Vale do Silício

Co-Financing Partners: Fundação Brava, Fundação Lemann and Repú

Implementing Partner: BayBrasil

The ‘Social Impact Mission’ (‘Missão Impacto Social’ ) was a workshops program that brought together professionals from startups and social ventures located in the ‘Silicon Valley’ region, in the United States, as well as 30 leaders from the Brazilian third sector. Aiming at stimulating new approaches in the elaboration of social projects, the initiative facilitated connections between actors from the Brazilian impact ecosystem and actors from Silicon Valley’s innovation ecosystem, promoting new ways of thinking about the current challenges of the Brazilian third sector.

Project ended in 2021.

Oficinas para o 3° Setor

Co-Financing Partners: Fundação Brava, Fundação Lemann and Repú

Implementing Partners: ponteAponte and Everest Fundraising

Offering workshops for CSOs in the third sector with the goal of strategic re-planning and fundraising. The meetings were offered as an artifice to sensitize the participants to the themes presented, sharing cases and tools to support the internal work of improvement and/or development of such fronts in their CSOs.

Project ended in 2019.

Plataforma de Desenvolvimento de Lideranças Criativas (BLP) – Turma 1

Co-Financing Partners: Fundação Brava, Fundação Lemann and Repú

Implementing Partners: THNK School of Creative Leadership

Holding the first class of the ‘Creative Leaderships of Civil Society Program (BLP)’, a training program for leaders of the Brazilian third and public sectors, which sought to offer the participants a creative journey of self-knowledge and establishment of connections between peers, guiding the development of their leadership skills and enhancing the impact of their actions for social transformation in Brazil. The program originated from the methodology developed by THNK, which aims at helping leaders around the world to think of creative solutions to the biggest problems they face.

Project ended in 2021.

Prêmio Melhores ONGs 2019, 2020 e 2021

Implementing Partners: Instituto Doar (Destra) and O Mundo Que Queremos

Co-Financing Partners: Ambev and Fundação Toyota

Other Partners: FGV/CEAPG, Instituto Filantropia, Época Negócios Magazine, Ambev/VOA and Doare

The initiative aims at developing the third sector by increasing the trust environment of the society in general towards NGOs and, as a consequence, catalyzing the organizations’ capacity to raise financial and human resources. It also has, as one of its focuses, the construction of criteria to highlight the best NGOs in Brazil, creating management quality references in order to guide the management of the set of organizations in the country and create benchmarks.

Apoio Institucional à Rede Latimpacto no Brasil

Implementing Partner: Latimpacto

Between 2020 and 2021, Humanize institutionally supported ‘Latimpacto’, which benefited management and development actions of the network in Brazil. The initiative is a multi-sector network that brings together philanthropists and social investors with the aim of mobilizing capital to support social organizations more efficiently – which is done by applying the principles of impact investing.

Project ended in 2021.

SimbiOsc - Comunidade de Aprendizagem e Desenvolvimento do Terceiro Setor

Co-Financing Partners: Fundação Lemann and Repú

Implementing Partner: PACTO – Organizações Regenerativas

The initiative is an online community with the purpose of promoting an environment of exchange and learning, jointly and continuously, among CSOs, aiming at organizational development and expansion of the social, environmental, and economic impact generated by the CSOs ecosystem. The ‘Vamos Partnership’ has supported the community since its conception. In 2021, 24 CSOs participated in three learning journeys (People Management, Strategy, and Organizational Design) offered by ‘SimbiOsc’.

Workshop Data for Good

Implementing Partner: Social Good Brazil

Data training awareness workshop for leaders of civil society organizations.

Project ended in 2019.

Workshop Teoria U

Co-Financing Partners: Instituto Votorantim

Implementing Partner: Otto Scharmer

Workshop on the ‘Theory U’ learning methodology for CSO leaders from the third sector. The workshop had a sensitizing character for the participants, especially looking at the format, concepts, and applicability of the methodology.

Project ended in 2019.

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