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Working in a network potentializes resources and competencies, gaining scale for social transformation projects, maximizing impact, and providing knowledge sharing among the people and organizations that are involved.

Consolidating lasting partnerships is part of our strategic philanthropic investment. We believe that this work model is one of the answers to generate the transformation we want. After all, partnerships open the way for other resources, coming, for example, from multilateral agencies and the public and private sectors, to join and complement this ecosystem.

In this direction, Humanize’s actions seek to connect with leading organizations in different sectors, in order to replicate good practices and give scale, capillarity, and leverage to the investments that are done. This happens especially with efforts aimed at contributing to transformed territories, strengthened and expanded local capacities, and a more sustainable and conscious development – one that enables people and natural resources to coexist more harmoniously.

In this scenario, we currently have ten active partnerships:

Network Connections

Aipê (Aliança pela Inclusão Produtiva)

This Alliance seeks to strengthen investments and the potential of impact to ensure the advancement of entrepreneurship and employability for those who need them the most. Its commitment centers on investing in productive inclusion to create opportunities and decrease inequality.

Actions for change:

– Technical assistance for strengthening production, management and commercialization with groups and individuals;

– Assistance for models design and businesses prototyping;

– Provision of financial resources for projects and businesses (access to credit and external funding);

– Professional Education.

Aipê supports projects from associations, cooperatives, micro-companies, and individual entrepreneurs through specific Public Calls.

Visit the website:

Partners: BNDES, Fundação Arymax, Fundação Tide Setúbal, Instituto Heineken, Instituto Votorantim and Santander

Aliança Inclusão Produtiva via Empreendedorismo Urbano e Rural

Created in June 2020, the Alliance seeks to promote social and environmental impact through the productive inclusion of economically vulnerable people living in urban and rural areas – urban and rural entrepreneurs, small producers, and family farmers. For such, this partnership supports innovative solutions for the entrepreneurial journey of impact businesses, as well as initiatives that generate employment and income opportunities.

Partners: Fundação Arymax and Fundação Tide Setubal

Aliança Nosso Cerrado

The focus of this partnership is to promote sustainable economic development, keeping the Cerrado ‘standing’ and valuing the culture of the communities. With operations focused on towns in the Northeast of Goiás, the Alliance’s strategy is directed by main areas (Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Landscape Management, Sustainable Value Chains, and Entrepreneurship) and cross-cutting areas (Communication and Financial Mechanisms).

Partners: Fundação Grupo Boticário and Nature Invest

Coalizão pelo Impacto

The ‘Coalizão pelo Impacto’ aims at strengthening the impact business ecosystem in Brazil.

To accomplish its goal, the Coalition works in collaboration with organizations that drive the investments ecosystem and socio-environmental impact businesses in the five regions of the country, specifically starting from six locations – which are: Belém (PA), Fortaleza (CE), Brasília (DF), Campinas (SP), Paranaguá (PR) and Porto Alegre (RS).

In this direction, the initiative plans to boost 600 positive impact businesses in Green Technologies, Citizenship, Education, Health, Smart Cities, and Financial Services.

Visit the website:

Partners: ICE, Instituto Helda Gerdau, Somos Um, Cosan, Fundação Educar, Fundação FEAC, Fundação Grupo Boticário, Instituto Sabin and RaiaDrogasil

Parceria Estratégica Baía de Guanabara

This partnership seeks to promote socio-environmental impacting entrepreneurship through Nature-Based Solutions (NBS), focusing on: (i) strengthening water security; (ii) climate change adaptation; and (iii) biodiversity conservation in the cities of the Guanabara Bay watershed.

Partner: Fundação Grupo Boticário

Parceria Estratégica da Pesca

This partnership is guided by the purpose of supporting the structuring and consolidating of fishing sustainable value chains, mainly of artisanal fish, promoting: (i) income generation and quality of life for fishing communities; (ii) supply of quality fish to the different markets; (iii) awareness and engagement with the public sector; (iv) conservation and sustainable use of marine biodiversity, aware of climate changes and with emphasis on fish stocks.

Partner: OAK Foundation

Parceria Estratégica Sul da Bahia

This partnership aims at supporting sustainable development and influencing public policies in the southern region of Bahia by structuring and stimulating the cocoa production chain and associated crops (such as honey).

Partner: Instituto Arapyaú

Plataforma Conjunta

This initiative seeks to offer an environment for knowledge and training about the Third Sector, promoting the development of Civil Society Organizations through curation, content production, learning experiences, tools, and networking.

Visit the website:

Partners: Instituto ACP and GIFE

Uma Concertação pela Amazônia

With great articulation capacity, this initiative mobilizes more than 400 leaders and engages around 250 organizations to seek conservation solutions and contribute to long-term, inclusive, low-carbon sustainable development for the biome. This partnership is therefore characterized as a broad, diverse, and plural network of people, institutions, and companies. In recent years, the actors that form the network were divided into eight working groups (WGs), namely: Bio-economy, Education, Culture, Youth, Land Planning and Land Regularization, Political Intelligence, Socio-territorial Infrastructure, and Private Sector Engagement.

In favor of the Amazon, the network has important potential for dissemination of knowledge and recommendation at national and international levels, which includes an active participation in the United Nations Climate Conference (COP).

Visit the website:

Partners: Climate and Land Use Alliance (CLUA), Instituto Clima e Sociedade (iCS), Open Society Foundations and Instituto Arapyaú


This partnership operates in a collaborative and coordinated way focused on the articulation and mobilization of people, knowledge and resources – which contributes to promoting and disseminating a culture of engagement, valorization and strategic management of people who work in the public and in the third sector.

VAMOS relies on four pillars of action: (i) Knowledge production and dissemination; (ii) Recognition, innovation, and search for solutions; (iii) Articulation, mobilization, and legitimacy; (iv) Creation and strengthening of the ecosystem.

VAMOS Partnership supports initiatives that can influence a better personnel management policy in the public sector, especially because there is a belief that this is a key element to contribute to quality public services and to enable third sector leaders and organizations to act as transformation agents.

Visit the website:

Partners: Fundação Lemann and Repú

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