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Other expressions of humanity

Several projects in our portfolio contribute to the qualification of important debates for the ecosystem in which Humanize is inserted

We added to Humanize portfolio a group of Special Projects that arose for reasons of opportunity and relevance, and which deal mainly with issues related to diversity, equality and inclusion. 

A good example is the General History of Africa (GHA) Collection (“Coleção História Geral da África – HGA” in Portuguese). Together with UNESCO and Roberto Marinho Foundation as partners, the project has reissued, printed and distributed the GHA collection and includes 500 copies of the eight complete volumes, in addition to 100 copies of the synthesis of the work (summary consisting of two volumes).

For Humanize, it is important to support a distribution that will take the history of Africa to universities and public libraries in Brazil, allowing the content to reach those who really matter. The GHA Collection was produced over 30 years by more than 350 specialists from the most varied fields of knowledge, under the direction of an International Scientific Committee formed by 39 intellectuals, of which two thirds were African.

Another initiative, which is part of the Special Projects portfolio and which we highlight here, is the film “The Fall from the Sky” (“A Queda do Céu”). Based on the homonymous book, the work portrays a prophecy about the end of the world made by Davi Kopenawa – who is a great shaman and spokesman for the Yanomami. In the audiovisual record, which is scheduled to premiere in the first half of 2022, Kopenawa denounces and forwards humanitarian and climate issues.

Directed by Eryk Rocha and Gabriela Carneiro da Cunha, the documentary is a call to society and an opportunity to better understand the relationship of indigenous peoples with the territory and the nature, as well as the importance of these peoples for the preservation of the forest.

The filming took place in the land of the Yanomami (Watoriki), located in Serra do Demini, near the border between Amazonas and Roraima, over a period of 28 days. One of the highlights of the technical sheet is the fact that some Yanomami are among the team responsible for carrying out the work.

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