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The Entrepreneurship and Socio-Environmental Impact Businesses Program of the Humanize Institute stimulates the impact ecosystem in Brazil by supporting implementing organizations – which operate in rural areas and urban peripheries, and which work with inclusive businesses structured from socio-biodiversity productive chains.

In this sense, Humanize directs efforts to different fronts, working to collaborate, for example, with the generation and dissemination of knowledge; the development of innovative financial mechanisms; and support for the enabling organizations that foster impact businesses. In addition, H.I. aims at promoting a structuring action, with reproducibility potential, guided by medium and long-term projects.

With the this program, the institution is committed to working towards contributing to territorial development in a way that is integrated to the ecosystem of impact businesses, and aligned with biodiversity conservation, income generation, and the maintenance of traditional knowledge and local vocations.

Get to know the history of projects:

Acesso a crédito de recursos públicos

Co-Financing Partners: Instituto Arapyaú and CocoaAction

Implementing Partner: Conexsus

The initiative seeks to develop a scalable model of a credit activators’ network to ensure rural credit and technical orientation to small cocoa producers in the South of Bahia. In 2020, an intense articulation with financial agents was carried out to present the ‘Conexsus’ credit activator model. In 2021, the project sought to structure a scalable model for credit expansion, with engagement from the private sector and the state public sector.

Project ended in 2021.

AMAZ Aceleradora de Impacto

Co-Financing Partners: Fundo Vale, Instituto Clima e Sociedade (iCS), Fundação Good Energies and Fundo JBS pela Amazônia

Implementing Partners: AMAZ and Idesam

‘AMAZ’ aims at investing, accelerating, and boosting disruptive impact businesses that seek permanent solutions towards reducing deforestation and promoting forest conservation in the Amazon, with the participation of local people. The initiative will invest a total of R$ 25 million in 30 impact businesses in the Amazon over the next five years, and guarantee the management and follow-up of these businesses for the next ten years. By 2030, we expect to leverage an additional R$ 50 million of investments with venture capital funds and private investors, supporting ten thousand families who promote the conservation/recovery of 5 million hectares of forest in the Amazon.

Amazônia em casa, Floresta em pé

Co-Financing Partners: GIZ, Fundo Vale and Fundo JBS pela Amazônia

Implementing Partners: Climate Ventures, Idesam and AMAZ

This movement is a systemic solution that aims at strengthening impact businesses in the Amazon. The operation is mainly focused on market access for Amazonian socio-biodiversity products and on collaborative arrangements that optimize resources and leverage sales, aiming at keeping the forest standing and fair income for local producers.

Amazon UP

Implementing Partner: Centro de Empreendedorismo da Amazônia

Support for the pre-acceleration program for business models focused on forestry, biodiversity, and land use. The target groups consist of technical school students, university students, and recent graduates.

Ativação do Ecossistema de Negócios de Impacto

Co-Financing Partners: Fundação Telefônica, Instituto Vedacit, Itaú Social, British Council and BID LAB

Implementing Partner: Instituto de Cidadania Empresarial – ICE

The goal of the project was to bring entrepreneurs and investors together around social innovations in order to leverage their personal and philanthropic investment into the impact businesses field. It also proposed to bring impact businesses content to accelerators and incubators in Brazil, foster innovative initiatives for the field, and support publications and studies aimed at strengthening the impact businesses ecosystem in Brazil.

Project ended in 2019.

Ativando novas soluções comerciais para negócios comunitários

Co-Financing Partners: Fundação Arymax and Fundo Vale

Implementing Partner: Conexsus

This initiative is a continuation of the ‘Hybrid Investment Hub’ Project. The support is directed at enabling market access to associations and cooperatives, all through innovative commercial solutions. The project provides R$25,000 in seed capital to develop prototypes that meet the challenges of community-based businesses in the Cerrado, Caatinga, and Atlantic Forest. The initiative is part of Conexsus’ work axis called ‘Businesses for the Earth Movement’ (‘Movimento Negócios pela Terra’), which uses resources from hybrid sources to develop and test prototypes of commercial solutions with partners and potential clients, and implements solutions on a services and marketing platform.

Avaliação Aceleradoras Move Social

Co-Financing Partners: Fundo Vale, Instituto de Cidadania Empresarial and Instituto Sabin

Implementing Partner: Move Social

The initiative made possible the publication of the study “Impact Accelerators: effectiveness evaluation” (“Aceleradoras de impacto: avaliação da efetividade”). The study shows the contribution of accelerators to businesses and civil society organizations that support social and environmental impact businesses in the country.

Project ended in 2021.

CAP Gestão

Co-Financing Partners: GIZ/IPAM – Mercados Verdes and IPAM/BMTE

Implementing Partner: Instituto de Pesquisa da Amazônia (IPAM)

Capacity building for governors, secretaries and technical managers from the Legal Amazon in the area of sustainable production chains and low-carbon emission businesses.

Project ended in 2022.

Cátedra Itinerante

Co-Financing Partners: Fundação Arymax and Fundação Tide Setubal

Implementing Partner: Centro Brasileiro de Análise e Planejamento (CEBRAP)

Project to produce and systematize state-of-the-art knowledge about productive inclusion in rural and inland areas of Brazil. In this context, CEBRAP selects and follows up on three projects each year, which are implemented in various research centers in Brazil. These centers simultaneously host the Chair and also develop studies – which points to the production of an annual report on the topic.

Desenvolvimento da Cultura e Comunidade Intraempreendedora de impacto no Brasil

Co-Financing and Implementing Partner: Núcleo de Assessoria e Pesquisa Pares

Support for the holding of the ‘Liga Brasil Participative Strategic Planning 2021-2023’ (‘Planejamento Estratégico Participativo Liga Brasil 2021-2023’ ) to strengthen the leading role of the League of Intrapreneurs in the national context.

Project ended in 2021.

Diagnóstico e Teoria de Mudança para Paraty

Implementing Partner: Artemisia

The project promoted a diagnosis on the entrepreneurial vocation in the region of Paraty, as well as the construction of a Theory of Change (ToC) concerning that territory from the point of view of its entrepreneurial capabilities. The result of this material seeks to contribute to the development of that area and, mainly, to strengthen and guide actions that help identify and foster the town’s entrepreneurial vocation.

Project ended in 2021.

Empreendedor@ do Cerrado

Co-Financing Partners: CEPF/IEB, Instituto Educacional Tiradentes and CMDCA

Implementing Partner: Beija Flor Cerrado

The initiative aims at developing rural communities, associations, and cooperatives by means of entrepreneurship training, seeds identification, and alternative economies focused on the Cerrado. There is an interrelationship with potential regional markets.

Project ended in 2021.

Empréstimo Coletivo na Amazônia: aumentando o alcance da PPA

Co-Financing Partner: USAID

Implementing Partner: SITAWI Finanças do Bem

The project is configured as a crowdfunding platform associated with the ‘PPA’ acceleration program, whose aim was to enable selected sustainable Amazon businesses to receive greater volumes of capital.

Project ended in 2021.

Estruturação e Aceleração de Negócios Sustentáveis na Amazônia

Co-Financing Partners: USAID, GIZ and FIIMP

Implementing Partner: Idesam and PPA

Support for the structuring of the ‘Forest Fund/ PPA’ (‘Fundo Floresta/ PPA’ ) aimed at strengthening and accelerating businesses and the impact ecosystem, in order to leverage sustainable value chains in the Amazon. The project preceded the creation of the ‘Amaz Impact Accelerator’ (‘Amaz Aceleradora de Impacto’).

Project ended in 2021.


Estudo sobre negócios e impacto socioambiental no Brasil – Onda Verde

Co-Financing Partners: ICE, iCS and Cargill

Implementing Partner: Climate Ventures

The project was implemented with the objective of mapping and publishing the main socio-environmental challenges faced by Brazil nowadays. Based on the perception of challenges, the study also raised opportunities for entrepreneurship and impact investments in the country – in the areas of climate, social inclusion, and regeneration in each impact area (Forests and Land Use, Agriculture and Livestock, Energy, Waste, Water, Logistics, and Mobility).

Project ended in 2021.

Finanças Sociais e Negócios de Impacto no Brasil (FIIMP)

Co-Financing Partners:  Fundação Grupo Boticário, ICE, Instituto Dynamo, Instituto Sabin, Instituto C&A, IGPA, Intercement, British Council, Instituto Vedacit, Fundo Vale, Fundação Tide Setubal, Lab 60+, Instituto Clima e Sociedade, Gerdau, Semente Oré, Instituto Votorantim and BMW Foundation

Implementing Partner: Instituto Phi

‘FIIMP’ was created to experiment with various financial instruments, as well as to get to know intermediary organizations and also to follow up on the results of investments in socio-environmental impact businesses.

Project ended in 2020.

Fundo Ipu de Venture Philantropy

Partners: Climate Ventures, SITAWI Finanças do Bem and Instituto Iguá

The ‘Ipu Fund’ (‘Fundo Ipu’) aims at setting up a Venture Philanthropy fund to contribute to the universalizing of access to water and basic sanitation in Brazil. The initiative also intends to operate through financial instruments, customized acceleration, and impact evaluation. The fund has also received support from the ‘Alliance for Innovation and Sustainability’ (‘Aliança pela Inovação e Sustentabilidade’) in the public management issue.

Project ended in 2022.

Fundo Regenerativo da Mata Atlântica: Cacau, SAFs e Meliponicultura (CRA)

Co-Financing Partners: Instituto Arapyaú, Ibirapitanga, Inter-American Foundation (IAF) and FUNBIO

Implementing Partner: Tabôa Fortalecimento Comunitário

The project demonstrated, through the ‘Certificate of Agribusiness Receivables’ (‘Certificado de Recebíveis do Agronegócio – CRA’), the feasibility of financing the production of quality cocoa in the cabruca system and SAFs, encouraging the upgrading of fine cocoa by family farmers through more accessible credit lines and specialized technical assistance. Currently, ‘CRA’ is recognized as an innovative financial mechanism aimed at agro-ecological family farming and allied to income generation and biodiversity conservation.

Fundo Volta por Cima

Co-Financing Partners: Potencia Ventures, Fundação Arymax, ICE, Fundação Tide Setubal, Instituto Vedacit, Instituto C&A, Votorantim and Rede Alumni MBA INSEAD

Implementing Partners: Banco Pérola and Artemisia

Zero interest loans for entrepreneurs who need help facing the effects of Coronavirus in Brazil’s marginalized areas. The Fund offered loans with tickets from R$9,000.00 to R$15,000.00, to be paid in 12 interest-free installments, with a six-month grace period. The initial fundraising goal was set at R$760,000.00, but it exceeded the mark of R$1 million.

Project ended in 2021.

Hub de Investimento Híbrido em Negócios de Impacto Socioambiental

Co-Financing Partners: Fundo Vale, IGPA and Good Energies

Implementing Partner: Conexsus

This aid was aimed at structuring agro-forestry businesses with ‘LAB SAF’, as well as at fostering new commercialization arrangements for socio-biodiversity products and at supporting the ‘World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO)’ certification for ‘Conexsus’.

Project ended in 2021.

Implementação de recomendações para avanço da agenda de impacto no Brasil

Co-Financing Partners: Itaú Social and Fundo Vale

Implementing Partner: ICE

The project was born with the objective of promoting the implementation of recommendations for strengthening the impact businesses and investment agenda in Brazil. In addition, the initiative supported the mobilization of key agents; the structuring of working groups; the production of knowledge; and the co-creation and implementation of concrete action prototypes.

Project ended in 2021.

Impulsionando o ecossistema de finanças sociais para pequenos produtores de cacau no sul da Bahia

Co-Financing Partner: Instituto Arapyaú

Implementing Partner: Conexsus

This project sought to promote the activation and unlocking of financing for cocoa producers on three main fronts: banks, producers, and activators. The goal was to boost the social finance ecosystem for small and medium-sized producers.

Project ended in 2021.

Jornada de Pesquisa Academia ICE

Co-Financing and Implementing Partner: ICE

The project aimed at strengthening academic research on impact businesses and investment cuts, especially by identifying the challenges for the work of entrepreneurs and investors facing the goal of developing the ecosystem of impact businesses in Brazil.

Project ended in 2022.

Lab Amazônia

Co-Financing Partners: Fundo Vale, Climate and Land Use Alliance (CLUA), Instituto Clima e Sociedade (iCS) e Parceiros pela Amazônia

Implementing Partner: Climate Ventures

Innovation laboratory that aimed at prototyping solutions for commercialization challenges in the Amazon region and logistics problems for the flow of socio-biodiversity products.

Project ended in 2022.


LAB NIP - Articuladora de Negócios de Impacto da Periferia

Co-Financing Partners: Fundação Arymax, Fundação Tide Setubal and Via Varejo

Implementing Partners: Artemisia and A Banca

Journey of support for marginalized areas’ entrepreneurs to strengthen their business model and increase their social and economic impact. The idea is to promote these changes in an environment that transforms them into protagonists in the development of social, environmental, and financial solutions for the country.

Livro ‘Social Value Investing’ / Investindo em valor social: gerando valor social com investimentos’

Co-Financing and Implementing Partner: Columbia Global Centers Rio de Janeiro

The support was directed to the publication of the Brazilian edition of the book “Social Value Investing”, by the authors William B. Eimicke and Howard Buffet, both from the School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) at Columbia University, in New York City. The book intends to contribute to a debate that points to the idea that the government, the private sector, the philanthropic sector, and civil society entities can join forces to deal with problems in the areas of health, security, rural poverty, and infrastructure – doing so through public-private partnerships.

Project ended in 2020.

Matchfunding Enfrente – Fundo Colaborativo

Co-Financing Partners: Fundação Tide Setubal, Fundação Arymax, Itaú Social,Fundação José Luiz Egídio Setubal,Instituto Galo da Manhã,FEAC and IGPA

Implementing Partner: Fundação Tide Setubal

Matchfunding for entrepreneurs from marginalized areas (urban and rural), who needed emergency resources. For each R$ 1.00 raised for the project, the fund added R$ 2.00. There was a minimum fundraising goal ranging from R$10,000 to R$30,000, and the initiatives worked along four axes: awareness campaigns about the Coronavirus; physical and emotional health care; distribution of donations and resources; and support for micro and small formal and informal entrepreneurs. The initial goal of raising R$5 million was reached in early June 2020. The matchfunding was managed by ‘Benfeitoria’.

Project ended in 2020.

Projeto Já É - Coalizão em Inclusão Produtiva

Co-Financing Partners: Fundação Arymax, Fundação Tide Setubal, Potencia Ventures and Instituto Accenture

Implementing Partner: Artemisia

The project’s objective was to train entrepreneurs in digital literacy. The target groups were in vulnerable territories, which included immigrants and refugees, small farmers, and traditional peoples in a national context.

Project ended in 2022.

Projeto Ponte: PPA

Co-Financing Partners: CIAT, instituto Clima e Sociedade (iCS), Fundo Vale and USAID

Implementing Partner: Idesam

The project planned the structuring of a financial vehicle for the maintenance of the ‘PPA’ acceleration program for five years, aiming at raising R$ 25 million in investments. It also envisioned a new business call for the 2020/2021 cycle, as well as continuing the acceleration journey and supporting management, businesses follow-up, communication and marketing activities for the program and the startups. The project was one of the hooks for the formation of the ‘AMAZ Impact Accelerator’.

Project ended in 2021.

Seminário ‘Finanças do Bem’

Co-Financing Partners: USAID and Instituto Clima e Sociedade (iCS)

Implementing Partner: SITAWI Finanças do Bem

The event sought to bring together and provide an exchange of state of the art knowledge among the participants, that covered the fields of impact investing and responsible investing.

Project ended in 2019.

Venture Developer e Ecosystem Cross-Learning da Iniciativa Jornada Amazônia

Co-Financing Partners Fundo Vale, Climate and Land Use Alliance (CLUA), Good Energies Foundation and Instituto Sabin

Implementing Partner: Fundação CERTI

The project is part of the ‘Jornada Amazônia’ initiative, whose goal is to contribute to the conservation of the forest through the activation of the Amazon Impact Entrepreneurship and Innovation Ecosystem (‘Ecossistema de Empreendedorismo e Inovação de Impacto da Amazônia’). The development approach starts from the basic conceptual model of ‘Innovation Ecosystem’, as well as from the results of studies that were conducted by ‘CERTI’ in 2019 and that mapped the potential of the innovation ecosystem in the Amazon.

Project ended in 2022.

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